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How to Speed Up Your Poker and iGaming Experience

iGaming has become a lucrative industry over the last few years, with the sector of online poker growing right beside it. While it already has a market value in the billions, the industry is forecasted to reach a further worth of $182.2 billion by 2031. One reason for this boom is the increasing accessibility of mobile-based platforms that push for both convenience and portability.

Another reason online poker and iGaming as a whole has become more popular is their growing acceptance by the general public. There are now many states with legal online poker sites including Nevada, Delaware, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Providers working within these areas are regulated by governing bodies, ensuring that users will always be a protected party. This means you’re less vulnerable to legal issues like data breaches, so you’re just as safe as you would be playing in regular casinos.

If you want to make your experience on these platforms even more seamless, knowing how to speed up games can make a world of difference. With a range of things that you can try, here are just a few that you can do to make your gaming experience smoother and quicker:

Have reliable tools

It’s no secret that computer specs are important to the gaming experience, considering many of today’s programs have specific system requirements for them to run – whether they’re RPGs or FPSs. That being said, most iGaming platforms won’t need too much from your PC. Any computer with a mid-tier processor and at least 8gb of RAM can certainly handle an online gaming website. Anything lower than this, however, may cause lags. Using browsers like Google Chrome is also known to be quite resource-hungry, so gamers often switch to underdogs like Opera to get the job done.

It is also important to have fast connectivity to easily connect to matches and prevent ping delays. Having an internet speed of at least 10mbps will help make games go faster and smoother.

Choose a reputable platform

Providers that are regulated by governing bodies often have to adhere to a certain level of platform optimization to make their websites easy to use. Choosing a reputable platform can help ensure speedier gameplay, as they are designed to make it easier for computers to process them, preventing any lags and delays on your end. This gives players a better experience, helps set them apart from sketchy websites, and prevents you from clicking links that download malicious software.

To assess whether a website is reputable, start by assessing its user interface. Things you can look out for are its ease of use, intuitiveness, and organization. Once it has passed inspection, check to see the provider’s license. Providers with a license from the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement Association can be trusted. Other reputable licenses are the Malta Gaming License, the Isle of Man Gaming License, and the Kahnawake Gaming License.

Try a poker HUD

One of the things that can make the in-game experience feel slow is your decision-making process. Unlike in traditional poker and gaming, you have to rely less on assessing your opponents and more on your own calculations and strategies. However, there’s a way you can speed up the process. Using programs like a heads-up display (HUD) can be beneficial because they show you recorded statistics of your opponents. Do they fold often? Do they go all-in every time they win? These numbers will help give you more insights into your competition and help you make snappier but research-backed decisions on the spot.

However, it’s important to note that some websites allow the use of HUDs with no restrictions, while others limit HUD use for specific gaming formats like cash games. Other platforms restrict HUDs altogether. As such, do some research before using HUDs so you can stay on your favorite iGaming and online poker platform.

Whether it’s through having good hardware or making use of different software, there are certainly many ways you can use to try and speed up your online poker and iGaming matches. Be sure to check out Wings IO Play for more articles and updates on all things gaming.