Total jerkface

Happy Wheels  is developed by Total Jerkface . Total jerkface happy wheels is a free action game that will get you addicted. The highlight of this game is that you are sure to hurt, broken legs or arms … on the journey to win! This is why Happy Wheels has become more and more popular, even though it has been out since 2006.   The main task in the game is to get your character to the final destination in a wheelchair, bike or maybe a two wheeler. Along the way there will be many pitfalls as well as challenges for you. Rhinoceros, push tables, pedicabs. Always make you lose control of your balance as well as speed. Include the arrow keys “Up” and “Down” to move up and down, and the arrow “Left” “Right” to balance your car. Keep in mind that constant speed is always the best way to keep your balance. If it goes too fast, it can cause the car to get head down and vice versa. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the movement and balance of the vehicle. That will be the key to success in Happy Wheels. What are you waiting for. Let’s get started with this awesome game. Wishing you always have a great time.

total jerkface